Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Getting Organized~

I had a friend ask me to show her how my art supplies are organzied and because we continued school somewhat through the summer, things were a mess. :) She gave me the motivation I needed to get it all organized once again and ready for our new year.
I decided using the plastic drawers was much better than individual containers... they can be pulled out and transported and they are contained when put away neatly~
1. Curriculum and Materials/Games
2. Art Supples and Play dough materials
3. Manipulative Drawers (Fine Motor, Math, Lang Arts)

I also came across another homeschool blogger that created All By Myself Preschool Boxes for her daughter.
I thought this was a great idea and made Preschool Baskets for the boys and Evie.
I labeled the baskets Monday-Friday and chose 5 activities for each:
1. Little Books
2. ABC Activity
3. Math Activity
4. Fine Motor
5. Something to Play
 Because they will only use the basket once a week, I plan to leave them out for a month and change out then. This is huge for planning and being organized with my time~
Monday: Chunk books, ABC match, Pattern Blocks, Tag Books, Cutting
Tuesday: Chunk books, ABC puzzle, Matching #s, Memory Game, Gluing shapes
Wednesday: Chunk books, Writing Letters, Counting unifix cubes, Traffic Jams game,  Play dough names
Thursday: Chunk books, Name Stamping, Play dough #s, Puzzles, ABC game
Friday: Chunk books, ABC match, Teddy bear counting, Tracing shapes, View finder
*Trays on top are their journals and one activity sheet they will do First before starting Basket work.

Today I read Jesse Bear again and we talked about all the things Jesse Bear ate at his three meals. I pulled out magazines for the three littles to find, cut, and glue things they loved to eat. The bigs thought it looked so fun and I had to let them get in on the fun too~
 A great day for sure!

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