Tuesday, August 6, 2013

A Little Reading and Art~

Reading is pretty much the main subject and skill used each day in school so we emphasize it with ABC books~
{Very CUTE one from Target and Evie LOVES it!}

I am using two different curriculums for the 3 littles {BFIAR} and 2 olders {Beautiful Feet: Early American History} so after I spend time with EK/SJ reading their book, EK is reading the BFIAR book to the others. They really like her to read to them and gives her confidence with reading aloud... also polishes her fluency and comprehension~
 Today I pulled out our Woodkins and played Jessie Bear, Jessie Bear what will you wear. They had to dress the bears dolls and then describe clothing using texture and color words.

SJ is continuing her Bob Books this year and we are printing a few things from Walking By the Way. Today she used a list of words to build using her letter box~
After lunch today we deemed it Art Afternoon using A Simple Study in Chalk Pastels~
 I'd say they rocked it!!!


  1. Love the artwork! And how sweet for EK to read to the littles. My "big" is dying to do that. She's started reading the first BOB books, and I just remembered yesterday that I'd downloaded those BOB activities from Walking by the Way, so we'll start using some of those soon. Oh, how I wish we lived closer! ~ Jackie

  2. I'm enjoying these HOMESCHOOL post!! Love it!