Sunday, July 7, 2013

Payne... Six Months of Forever~

Today six months of ago, we left the hotel to meet our son~
 and we couldn't have chosen a more precious boy. 
He came to us with open arms and heart to his forever and really hasn't looked back~
~ Embraced his new family whole heartedly
~ Loves Evie desperately and completely
~ Attached to us quickly
~ Spoke Mandarin up until about a month ago
~ Speaks English SO well
~ Best friends with Evie and WP
~ Eats anything we offer him and stops when he is full
~ Sleeps like a log and still wants a nap each day
~ Compensates for his SB and has come so far
~ Loves books, legos, and musical toys
~ SO easy going and treats everyone gently
~ Doing very well with school work... writes his name and knows the letter names, counts to 10 (skips 7), knows colors
~ Funny and loves to laugh
~ Loves being outside
~ Gives the best hugs and back scratches!

Today I asked him to go out with me for a very short photo shoot~
 He was more than happy and wanted to see every one I took.
Do you see his personality?
He is SO happy and loves big... can't imagine life without him...
and never will since he is our son FOREVER!!!


  1. These photos are amazing and he sounds like such a sweet boy.

  2. Payne is just the sweetest little boy :) Great shots of your little cutie!!! 6 Months? It seems like he has always been with you!

  3. That just melts my heart! So happy he is doing so well!

  4. He is just the cutest, sweetest thing ever! I just want to reach out and pinch those cheeks!! Happy 6 months!!

  5. What a cutie pie!!! Congratulations on such a wonderful transition! Praise The Lord!

  6. What a precious little soul!!!! You can see how sweet he is by the look in his eyes. I am so happy for you all that God lead you to this one and only child!!

  7. Great shots! Such a cutie! The girls are going to be knocking down the door!

  8. So so precious!!!!


  9. His sweet spirit shows in his eyes...LOVE!!! Congrats on 6 months!!!


  10. That is one HANDSOME LITTLE BOY!! Congratulations on your 6mos of being FOREVER HOME!