Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our New Playroom~

Yesterday morning I made the mistake of switching the channel to HGTV and before I knew it, an hour was gone.
I had had an idea floating around in my head for a while so decided to put up a status to get opinions and suggestions:
"What are your opinions concerning playroom vs toys in bedrooms? 
Thinking one space to mess up is better than 3-4. Please share your thoughts."
 I was happy to get 25 comments with most everyone agreeing playrooms were the way to go... SO I began dumping the bedrooms of toys and in no time at all had a mess of my own {1st HGTV project}~
Three spaces could be a playroom... basement: no, Scott's office, sun room: no, extension of family room, 
OR school room... hmm, OK~ half of room for school and other half for play.

Good thing I didn't choose the basement because after a huge rain last night, Scott went down and found it flooded~
 NOT good! Sopping wet carpet had to come out so we moved everything to one side to start {you guessed it: 2nd HGTV project}... to be continued. Waaaaaa :(.

Meanwhile back to the playroom, I found a great post about Play Based Curriculum and thought I was dead on with a playroom so here it is~
I think my favorite part is the little 'house' area complete with kitchen, doll bed and table... Evie's favorite part too!

And now the school half~
Not really that much different... just consolidated and only have out what we will use daily on the shelves.

What was learned in the midst of this project?
~ We DO NOT need anymore my little ponies OR petshop pets!
~ I have 2 extremely clean kid bedrooms and sun room complete with my desk and sitting area.
~ Bedrooms still have their stuffed animals and books {also girls have AG dolls and boys have their train table}. 
~ HGTV is a great perk when ironing basket is full and needs attention!
~ Littles LOVE their new play space and didn't want to go to bed tonight.
~ Don't know what took me so long to get this going!
~ Thank you to my FB friends that gave me the little push I needed!

What's up tomorrow? Teeth cleaning appointment for 4 of the littles... first for PC (letting EC sit this one out). 


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