Sunday, July 14, 2013

Evie... Six Months Forever~

Today six months ago we left the hotel with Payne to bring Evie into our forever~
 She was placed in our arms scared to death and overwhelmed being taken away from the known for the 4th time~
 Over the last 6 months sweet Evie has changed so much. I have said often... she tried to push us away SO fiercely but since has fallen in love with that same fierceness~
~ Attached and bonded SO well and loves to be held
~ Still sleeps in our room on a little sofa right by our bed
~ Loves her siblings so much and plays with all of them
~ Dropped Mandarin pretty quickly and spoke English easily
~ Really good eater now but has taken time
~ Sleeps very well and still takes a nap everyday
~ Special need of Cerebral Palsy is yet to be seen... perfect health
~ Loves her babies, art things, whatever everyone else is doing
~ LOVES the pool and swimming
~ Strong willed, SO happy, drama at times, runs the show, loves to laugh and be silly
~ Loves when I say it's time for school
~ Takes my face in her hands and kisses me often
~ Says she is the baby... Mama's baby
~ Adores her Baba

As you know it has rained SO much over the last weeks so we did our mini photo shoot in the sun room and she did great~

 We often call her Miss Big... 
big personality, big laugh, big cry, big scream, big fun, and big love all wrapped up in a tiny 3 year old body. 
God knew what He was doing when He chose her for our family and thankful she is our daughter forever!!!

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