Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Day of Appointments~

Four of the littles had dental cleanings today with this being WP and PC's very first. They were rock stars!!! The girls tried to be but just have different levels of anxiety plus the boys haven't been through all the dental work like the girls~
All in all it was a good appt with just one big moment of anxiety for SJ... another abscess that has to be extracted. 
She was very upset even tonight as she was going to sleep~
 Evie kept saying 'No doctor Mom, No doctor.' 
She warmed up to everyone pretty soon and came home with a bag of goodies.  
We grabbed lunch on the go and then me and Rosie had eye appts~
Evie went back with me and enjoyed taking selfies as we waited.
Yes I need glasses for near and far~ progressive they call them.
Excited to get them in a week and maybe I can stop the squinting or back and forth paper reading. :)
A very long Day of Appointments and thankful to be back home safe and sound!
{Savannah came home with us for a few days!}

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