Friday, June 7, 2013

Traveling Day ~

Yesterday was traveling day and it didn't go without some funny stories along the way.
We made it to Atlanta and stopped for lunch... continuing on our way we ate in the truck~
About an hour later, we stopped at another Chick~fil~A for ice cream and while waiting on bathrooms, Evie's diaper LEAKED all over the floor. {Ackkk} Stripped her down to a diaper and made our way out the door~
Didn't bother her one little bit!
The bigs were not far behind in Amelia's car~
 We made it just in time for dinner and this was our first glimpse~
 Then it was time to take P&E to the ocean~
 I'm not even kidding when I told Payne this was the ocean, he began singing our school song about Oceans! :)
Everyone was SO happy to be back to one of God's most beautiful creations. P&E loved the sand of course and will love the water before the week is up~
 I'm pretty sure this will always be one of my most favorite photos ever~
{Just wish I had shot it with my big camera}
SO HAPPY to be here with ALL my chicks!!!


  1. What a fun roadtrip with even funnier stories! That place looks amazing! Where are you?! Your bigs and littles will have so many sweet memories from this trip!

  2. super pictures. love. love. love.

  3. Oh my!!! That pic of the inside of your car is hysterical!!!!! You are one super mama!! Lol... Looks like you're having a great time. Love the pic of all your "chicks" :)

  4. You all look so happy & ready for relaxtion!