Sunday, June 30, 2013

Simple Sunday~

Today we celebrated my grandfather's 97th birthday~
 A sweet time for our family to gather in honor of a long, strong life!
Happy Birthday PaPa!!! We love you!

The rest of the day involved church, pool, picnic dinner, playing outside~
{littles reading their Bibles while I got ready, WP riding EC around}
Rosie has been going to youth with Hayden for the past year. She has fallen in love with Blake and Shae (youth pastor and wife) and they have loved her in return. Was looking SO forward to her senior year with them but God has bigger plans for their family. They have been called to work/serve with Lifeline Children's Services in Kentucky and will be moving Friday. Our family wishes their family all the best and they will be very missed!! God bless your new adventure and we plan to stay in touch!

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  1. 97! Wow! That is fantastic! Happy Birthday to you papa!