Tuesday, June 11, 2013

PCB Day 5~ {Retakes}

We had a beautiful day today with LOTS of sun!
Tonight after dinner we all went back out on the beach so I could do a Retake of the shots the other night... all on my phone.
These were taken with my camera.
New photo for the header~

These kids make my life as a photog mom amazingly sweet!!!


  1. Just BEAUTIFUL!!! I know you're so glad to have ALL your sweet ones there with you.

  2. These pictures are gorgeous! Puts a smile on my face! Enjoy and blessings!

  3. These are beautiful pictures of your beautiful family! And, congratulations on having a new sister in Christ with EK!

  4. Perfect! I love the colors and great job getting them all in a shot. I had the hardest time getting Asher to cooperate this year! Payne looks like he has grown so much already! I'm so happy you are having the best week!