Thursday, June 6, 2013


The story of our day can be summed up in a few Instagram photos.
Beginning... drinking out of my new cup~
 A sweet gift from my bigs from Hawaii!

Middle... spent the whole day washing and packing for vacay~
 Felt like I was packing for China!

 EK enjoyed Tripod all day today~
and after dinner she released him back into the wild.

Tonight before bedtime EC decided she wanted to try a headband~
She always wants to be just like her big sisters!!!


  1. I can see a sparkle in her beginning to form. She is starting to fill out too!

  2. From the weeks posts, looks to have been a great one! My girlies found a turtle too:) a snapping one..didn't keep that one! Does look like China...:)my little Holly has been asking to go to China for 2 months now:)she wants to see the babies she says)....hummm. We can't wait to head South and feel the breeze and sand too(July again for us)LOVE the girls new haircuts! Have a BLESSED, RELAXING vacation with ALL you sweet ones!!!