Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Hawaiin People~

I still really haven't wrapped my head around my 4 big kids being in Hawaii but they ARE and having a ball!
I made a couple of collages from their Instagram photos~
 So far they have enjoyed the beaches, sunsets @ dinner, a sunrise at the top of a volcano~
 Last night they went to a Luau~
 Today they went out on a boat snorkeling and I feel sure there will be photos in my Dropbox tomorrow. :)
I LOVE you Hawaiian People and miss you terribly!


  1. Beautiful young ladies making precious memories! So blessed!:)

  2. How exciting for them! How fun that they all went together! Jealous! Wouldn't mind being in Hawaii myself.

  3. Wow! It looks like the bigs are having an amazing time! Love the luau pictures!

  4. Such beautiful pics! So glad they're having fun!

  5. Heard Hawaii is beautiful but the cost of living there is VERY expensive!! Looks like the BIGS are having a wonderful time!!