Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer School~

Today was the LAST day of regular school for this year... how can it be? I have declared Fridays this summer as Free Fridays. Choose whatever you love and do it: make books, read books, sticker stories, centers, puzzles, playdough, any art project, chores around the house, computer time, IPad time, etc...
I had the girls get their clip boards and make a list of what they chose to do~
  To begin, SJ chose IPad {school apps} and EK chose computer {Starfall and Reading Eggs}... boys and Evie pretty much did what they usually do on a school day.
 Favorite computer programs~ Reading Eggs, Mathseeds, Starfall
Favorite Apps~  Best Apps For Kids {great place to start}
They also chose reading, writing, and helping me with chores!
With them occupied and happy, I was able to get my house cleaned and laundry finished! That is huge. Since coming home from China I have tried to do one cleaning chore a day and it takes me all week to get my house clean... don't like that. Want to get it done in one sweep and be done for a week.  
SO my week goes like this:
Monday~ mine and Scott's laundry, sheets, and towels
Wednesday~ boys' laundry, sheets, and towels
Friday~ girls' laundry, sheets, and towels {Cleaned today!}
Saturday~ iron
NOW for Summer School~
I set up one shelf to house all our materials as we will concentrate solely on Bible, reading, writing, and math.
Top basket~ the books we will read and an art activity for each day.
Middle shelf basket~ EK's reading and math materials.  
Middle shelf drawers~ book making materials.
Bottom shelf basket~ SJ's reading and math materials.
Bottom shelf drawers~ center activites.

Schedule: Mon~Thurs
Storytime with Art
Reading and Book Making
Math {book work and technology}
Fri~ Free Friday

Maybe you're wondering WHY summer school... my kids just do SO much better when we stay on a somewhat schedule. Mornings will be spent taking a leisurely start to school with afternoons spent resting and swimming/playing. 
Happy summer to all~ May it be the best ever!!! 




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