Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rosie's Ready for Prom~

Rosie had been looking forward to this day for months... ordered her dress online, found earrings @ Charming Charlies, borrowed shoes from Jessie, alterations by Ms. Hope, hair by Amelia, and makeup done herself.
It was very special to have her big sisters here helping her get ready and I was able to take a few photos~
 Everything ready... shoes, earrings, hair, makeup, and dress~
 And down the stairs she came... took our breath away~

 It was a family affair seeing our baby original off~
The littles were just in awe of their big sister!
THEN Hayden arrived looking so handsome~

 More photos of them and their friends tomorrow.

After photos, photos, and more photos, their party of 16 loaded a party bus and headed to Greenville for dinner and back to Anderson for the prom. They will be home around midnight and sleeping over at Emily's house. Rosie's dancing the night away as I write!! 
Happy Prom Rosie!!!


  1. She looks absolutely lovely! So pretty. I loved your post. I hope Rosie had the most wonderful time.

  2. How wonderful to enjoy it with her and celebrate the moment! She looks absolutely beautiful!!

  3. Gorgeous girl! Gorgeous family!

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  5. She is so pretty and she has the most beautiful eyes!!! You have 6 beauties and 2 handsome boys at your house!!!

  6. AH she is simply gorgeous! Hope they had a fabulous time!!

  7. Rosie is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it on Wednesday! :)

  8. Gorgeous!! OMG and those EYES!!