Thursday, May 16, 2013


Today began what will be a summer of fun with 5 littles~
 Everyone had a ball until Sweet Evie~
Didn't get what she wanted so she had a sweet little fit...
that is until she got what she wanted.
Then she was sweet once again. :)


  1. oh Evie haha, reminds me of my Janie!!! Too cute:)

  2. She and my Addy must be soul sisters because Addy is the biggest drama queen, but on another note what a good sign this is because she is learning to express her needs. This means she knows someone will come to her aide and help her. My children have been in the pool multiple time, but I just can't get in. The water is freezing. Is your pool heated? Are you done with homeschool for the year?

  3. Have a FABULOUS summer with those little blessings and the big ones too!!! :)We start our summer fun in just about 5 hours!!(half day of school today YEAH!)Blessings

  4. Such cute pics! Looks like they had fun - even Evie! We can't wait to come over and swim sometime soon! Just let me know when a good day might be. :)