Tuesday, May 28, 2013

If We Can't Be in Hawaii~

with the bigs, then we will bring Hawaii to us! :)

The summer school schedule I shared here began today along with a new idea I thought of yesterday. Since the bigs are in Hawaii and the littles have so many questions... why not take a couple of weeks before vacation to learn more about one of our 50 states!

SO today we did just that and where to start than a couple of videos to jumpstart our curiosity then on to geography~

 We located on the globe, a flat map, and then printed our own. We learned about reading map keys and what info we could gather. We glued our map to a blue ocean and got painted it. The kids all dressed in swimsuits as if they were at the beach and we made up a song of our own~
Hawaii, Hawaii, a group of islands in the big blue sea.
Hawaii, Hawaii, a group of islands in the big blue sea.
SJ danced the hula... sort of. :)

Here are a few photos the Bigs have shared via Instagram~

 I'd say they are pretty much in paradise having the time of their lives! 
We may not be there in person but we are in Heart and Mind!

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  1. A fabulous time had by ALL it looks. Last summer we traveled the World, much the same way and the girls LOVED it! Enjoy your travels!!!