Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Tender Tuesday~

Time with Mimi is NEVER enough~


And where is a child more free than on their swing? Here face says it all~


Beautiful Tender Tuesday Moments!



  1. I still love to swing. I feel so at peace when I do it! Earlier today I sent you a text, but maybe you don't do text messages. I had sent you a text because I thought if I called you I might cry. I have kind of fallen in love with a little boy. We have his file. He is three and has some developmental delays. My husband was all on board until he saw the diagnosis of brain injury. It effects the right side of the brain. Without a CT scan to show a neurologist we can't really get a good opinion on what his out look is. His motor skills seem to be fine, but according to file he isn't talking. Though looking at his video is appears he does talk. Could be gibberish though. Since I don't speak any Chinese I don't know. We might have a friend look at it. You might know the little boy because he was probably a playmate of Evie at Hebei City Orphanage. He is 3 as of march. Man he is cute as a button. I wish there was a way to get more info on him. I told my husband to go pray about it because sending back his file just makes me sick to my stomach. I am holding on to his file just incase my husband changes his mind.

  2. Love the big sister hugs picture of course, but the swing picture...just absolutely out of this world precious!!!!!