Monday, April 15, 2013

Payne Curtis~

PC's special need is spina bifida but you would probably never know unless you saw the scar that runs across the bottom of his back or the little limp in his gait but even that isn't all the noticeable either. When we came home, he was assessed @ the Spina Bifida clinic @ CHOA with three specialists. ALL three agreed PC was one of the most blessed SB kids around. Just to make sure his repair in China was on target, the neurosurgeon ordered a sedated MRI which happened this past Thursday. We loaded the crew around 6am and drove to Atlanta for the procedure~
 PC wasn't allowed to have food or drink so we held off everyone until he was called back and then had a breakfast picnic. CHOA is always such a fun place with lots of things for kids!

Once PC was under, the procedure took about 45 min and we were able to wait on him in his recovery room. They wheeled him in, he slept a little while longer, and then began waking up. He was so sweet... hungry and thirsty~
 Everyone was very interested in all that was going on and very ready to move on~
 Dr. Boydsdon had us come to his office to go over the results and the results were good. Overall his repair was done well and we will be watching for any changes over the next year. There is a chance he might have to have surgery due to his tethered cord but for now everything is fine. We were thankful!

PC continued to perk up on the way home so we stopped by Steak and Shake for lunch~
I'm talking there wasn't so much as a crumb when all was said and done. A hungry crew fed and happy... we headed home!
I think a huge indicator that we are making progress with bonding and attachment might be them both yelling as we turned in~
"Home Mommy! Home!"  


  1. So thankful for a wonderful report! And praying that God will continue to protect PC and he won't have to have any surgery!!

  2. Wonderful news for sweet PC and for you!!Such a blessing to hear them yelling "Home!"

  3. That is fantastic news! So exciting!

  4. I'm so thankful for a good report! I don't know how you do it, friend! I'm tired just looking at the pictures and hearing about your day! :)

  5. What a blessed report for sweet PC! So glad he's with his Mommy now, to make sure all is good!

  6. What a little trooper! Happy for good news, praise!