Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dialing Practice~

It seems that Scott and I have heard several stories of burned houses and major emergencies lately.
That got me thinking of how important it is to go over emergency procedures with little ones... especially when there are days when I am home with them all day alone.

As I changed out the girls' calendar notebooks today, we added an address and phone number page to sing each day.
I'm sure there are plenty of families like us that have gotten rid of their land lines and only use cell phones.
I realized I had never really shown them how to use it for calling... they are whizzes at playing games on it but did they know how to make a call?

I handed each my phone and asked if they would know how to make a call. EK was pretty sure of how to find the phone and keypad but SJ not so much.
We took time to practice the sequence in the process and I gave them each their own keypad to practice my number and 911.
It kind of unnerved them to think of me needing them to call 911 in an emergency but I felt more at ease they now knew what to do.
It is always best to have a conversation proactively than to not be prepared!    
Happy Dialing! 

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