Monday, April 29, 2013

Camping Day {Impromptu}~

The girls sparred a big interest in packing backpacks yesterday, spent the night in sleeping bags, and came downstairs ready to camp this morning~
 What to do but declare it Camping Day!
I had to get my brain pumping out some creativity... We pulled our Curious George Goes Camping book and had a read~
  It was a hit! We made a list of important camping rules and researched poison ivy on the Ipad. We learned a rhyme {Leaves of 3, Let them be!} and made our very own poison ivy plant~
 Don't you LOVE Evie's rendition of poison ivy!!!

We talked about all kinds of nature and animals we would see on a camping trip and decided we should take a hike. After everyone was dressed, we headed out~
  Over to our neighbor's HUGE pine trees and collected pine cones to make bird feeders. We lathered peanut butter all over them and when it came time to add the birdseed??? We didn't have any... so we loaded the truck and headed to the store... bought the seed, went home to roll our feeders, and hang in a tree outside our sunroom. They have been watching for birds ever since.

After lunch we made 'inside' smores and little littles were off for nap. The girls wanted more so I printed a few things to cover the 3 Rs (reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetic) and they headed into the tent to work~
It was a little young for my two so I just used their printables and made up my own activities
EK read them Just Me and My Dad and then they sang a song~

SJ asked to sing by herself~

I printed a graph for them to roll and record then taking most, least, equal with some # sentences thrown in.
They read a story together and dot painted words from a word list then made a What Am I book of all the things they would need for a camping trip.
Still asking for more, I suggested they take a rest for a while and this is what I found~
A GREAT Camping Day

This weekend I found a beautifully written article Tidal Homeschool in which blogger Melissa Wiley describes her kind of teaching... it really touched my heart the way she described times of High Tide and ones of Low Tide.
Melissa wrote: "And we have low tide times when we amble along the shore, peering into tide pools and digging in the sand, or just relaxing under beach umbrella. The children wander off in directions of their own choosing; they dig and poke and ponder. One of them may crouch over a rock pool and stay there for days, studying, watching. Another will run headlong into the waves, thrilling to the pull on her legs, splashing, leaping, diving under and emerging triumphantly farther out. Or a child might prefer to stay close by my side, drawing stick pictures in the sand or building a castle. All of these things may be happening at once. Sometimes it looks as though nothing is happening: there’s just an array of bodies on beach towels. But oh, the nourishment there is in a time of quiet reflection while the soul soaks up the sunlight! "
 I felt like today was a day to run with THEIR idea for the day and make it a learning experience for all. Sometimes we just need to step away from the norm and go with the child's needs/ideas. Again SO thankful I have the opportunity to spend my day teaching, guiding, and nurturing the gifts God has entrusted to me!!! 

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