Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Day Away

P&E had their second round of immunizations today so we went into Gwinnett. It was traumatic for both but we got it done and ran like crazy! :)

We ran errands: lunch and Target~

Ice Cream~

And finished with the perfect visit~

Nana and Mimi!!!



  1. You are a brave women...bless you!!
    Sweet babies!!!


  2. My shopping cart looks VERY SIMILAR to yours when I add the GRANDSONS! They actually all do REALLY well when we go out together. I have ppl ask me ALL the time.."how do you manage ALL of them together. I laugh and say "usually I give them THE EYE if someone gets out of line" and that USUALLY does the trick! I inherited the "EYE METHOD" from my mom!! Nothing was worse than a STERN EYE!!