Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Flu~

Has sweet EK on the sofa with a fever+~
 And full control of the Apple TV remote for a Netflix kind of day.
Praying the rest of the crew stays well.


  1. So sorry it hit your house. It hit our house on Tuesday. Addy was sick. Hope EK feels better soon and that the rest of the gang stays well. What blows me is we had the flu shots this year, so either they wore off or it was a different stain. Oh, I found a program on Netflix called Call the Midwife. It is out of England and takes place end of War War 2 about a woman who is a midwife England's East End. I think you would really like it if you liked Downton.

  2. ugg, no fun at all!!!!! Get well soon EllaKate!!!

  3. Oh so sorry sweet girl. Hope u feel better soon.

  4. Oh, bless her heart:)and right here at the end of winter beginning of sorry, she has faired so well this winter too, not being near as sick as when in Kind..get well soon.. praying for all the littles to stay well too!