Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring~

Today we read a book about Spring to gather facts for our Spring language experience chart. The girls helped fill in some missing words and the boys circled letters they knew~
 THEN... the mail carrier delivered a package for our family. I decided to use it as a learning moment. I positioned it by the chart and we guessed what we thought it might be... a puzzle, a book??? We opened the card and found a McDonald's gift card!!! That is huge for us. With 5 kids, we don't splurge on Happy Meals anymore but today it was happening. They all helped open the gift and do you see it?~ a plaque with my blog verse...
Everything Beautiful!
Thank you sweet Ellie!!! You made 5 littles SO happy and I of course LOVE the plaque that hangs right above my writing desk. 
Happy Spring everyone! 

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