Friday, February 15, 2013

All is Well~

We pulled out this morning @ 9:45 headed to a doctor's appt for Payne & Evie to begin their immunizations. Both were troopers through a TB screen and 3 shots~
  We left the dr's office headed to another appt and ate our packed picnic lunch on the way. I needed a new pair of jeans as Evie had an accident on me and I was soaked to the bone (AE visit). We arrived @ CHOA for two reasons: Payne for renal ultrasound~
and both P&E blood work for titers~
We all agreed if we had to be here... there was plenty to do for fun~
After such a major visit, we ate dinner @ Maggiano's. (Valentine's Day dinner!) The kids ate like they hadn't eaten in days. The revolving door was the best~
  And if that wasn't enough we stopped on the way home for haircuts... Scott has a Chinese barber and we wanted him to cut the boys' hair. EK needed a trim too~
Both boys kept smiling so big as Andy cut their hair. They were definitely proud and gave each other a big hug. Back in the car and headed home, everyone crashed. Home again and All is Well!


  1. What a busy day. Such a sweet family! Love your Valentines day. Hope your weekend is wonderful. Love, becky

  2. I didn't realize you were near CHOA. My son has his US in that same exact room. We love that hospital.

  3. Wow that is quite a day! New jeans and all!


  4. Where did Payne's curls go?!? lol! They are ALL so cute...just precious!

  5. Oh, no! You cut off Payne's curls and shaved his head! It makes me sad since he has such a beautiful head of hair.

  6. So glad that is behind you, the shots ect!!! Janie is due for her follow up renal ultrasound this month, gotta get on that/thanks for the reminder!
    The boys are toooooo cute with Andy!!!

  7. Glad you had the time to "make up" for the not so fun parts of your day:) new jeans a plus, playing time with sweeties a plus, haircuts with dad's help a plus (looking handsome and cute by the way), AND DINNER @ Maggiano's a double, triple, plus!!

  8. Your fabulous five are a beautiful bunch! Little boys with short hair are soooo adorable. Love Payne's new look!

  9. Glad everything went well! And I LOVE the boys' new haircuts!!! :>)