Friday, February 8, 2013

A Visit, A Rock Star, and a Box~

Today we enjoyed having our social worker, Bekah, over for Payne and Evie's first post adoption visit. I snapped a photo of them before she arrived~
As she was driving down the driveway, they were all running through the house shouting... the social worker is here! the social worker is here! over and over. :) The visit went great and we love Bekah!

Later in the day, SJ gave us a little dance show~
  Made us ALL smile~

AND a big box came from Aunt Jan and Uncle Ray~
 Everyone was thrilled with their surprise. Thank you both~ you made all the Ankerich kids very happy!!!


  1. You have some awesome kiddos!! Oh and one SuperMommy :)

  2. Your newest blessings are adorable and look like they are fitting right in, praise the Lord!!!!!
    Would love to catch up! If you are ever near B'ham...let me know!

  3. Oh my goodness SJ is just a doll. Loved her video! Your such a great mom

  4. Oh my goodness. The kids are so stinking cute. I kind of like social workers : )
    I LOVE your little rock star. Cutest thing around.

  5. Such a cute video of SJ! I'm so glad things are going well and everyone is getting adjusted. :) Love your new picture and header.

  6. Such cuteness!!! If only SJ and Miss Holly could rock out together...that would be fun!