Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Really Good Visit~

Payne's special need is Spina Bifida and came home with a meningocele repair done in China. He has shown no big issues with his need and we've been pretty amazed with his ability. Dr. Steele sent us to SB Clinic @ CHOA for a baseline.

 We saw three specialists and each one gave Payne the greatest report~
Other than a MRI needed to further prove his good health, we won't have to go back for a checkup for a year. Stopped for a little lunch on the way home~
Couldn't be more thankful for A Really Good Visit!


  1. Thankful for a good visit!! Praying for a restful weekend for such a fabulous busy mommy!!

  2. That little Payne is so adorable!! He reminds me of my son! My husband and I are starting the adoption process and are adopting from the China special needs program. Can you tell me a little bit about the spina bifida special need? I know there are more severe cases and more mild cases? I was just curious to what limitations a child with that special need would have? I know you are a busy woman and you might not have time to answer me but any insight would be very much appreciated! Thank you!! We love your blog by the way!!

  3. wonderful news! Payne is a doll!

  4. Great news! I love the pic of Scott and Payne-precious!

  5. Hooray! That is great news! Hope you have a fun weekend!

  6. Again, so thankful that it was a good report!!!!! Praise God!!!