Yay Scott~

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sold another one!

Thankful for God's provision!!!


Wonderful Wednesday~

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Because I was able to see two of my bigs today~
 A Wonderful Wednesday and my week is made.


Thing 1 and Thing 2~

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I have never been a Dr. Seuss fan but kids LOVE it and our kids are no different. We reread The Cat in the Hat again to focus on Thing 1 and Thing 2. I found a Pinterest idea of making Thing glove puppets but simplified to be mitt puppets~
 Hoping for a puppet show tomorrow!

I used Cat and the Hat stickers to help the boys practice counting. They had circles with numerals and dots in which they put a sticker for each. Once complete we counted together and they both did pretty well~
I also pulled out dot painters for the first time with Payne and it was a big hit as well!

SJ has really become a great reader using Bob Readers and today her book was called Who? I asked if she would like to make her own book along the same story line. She found magazine photos and filled in some of the words. After it was complete, I videoed her reading... just look at that smile as she watched herself~
That does a mom's heart major GOOD!  


Why is it when you move something around they all act like it's new and play like never before?~
 The train table was the hot place to be this afternoon!


Dr. Seuss Week~

Monday, February 25, 2013

We are celebrating Read Across America Week anticipating Dr. Seuss' birthday on Saturday. We read The Cat in the Hat and made our own version of ourselves as the cat. They all loved adding yarn hair~
 We did a little cleanup and I asked them...
What IF The Cat in the Hat knocked on our door? Would we let him in?
 I pulled out a very long piece of bubble wrap out of the corner and divided it 5 ways, rolled up the rugs, and put on the Freeze!!!
We cranked up the music loud loud and jumped our hearts out popping bubbles~ SO FUN!!!

I decided it was time to up the responsibility each day during school. Up until now {since this was our first real home school year}, I have guided pretty much every thing the girls have been doing. A friend of mine noticed our rainbow drawers (work boxes) and helped me think through making them more independent. I also gave EK to privilege of working at the desk and I think you can see she loved it!
 I have a teacher basket on top of the drawers that holds all the materials needed for group activities such as calendar, bible story, and FIAR activities. The rainbow drawers house the girls' materials for handwriting, writing journals, language, reading, explode the code, math/ss/science. Today we added velcro dots with foam animals to front of drawers... I had the girls work independently through their drawers asking for help when they needed it. When complete, the foam animal came off the drawer and dropped in basket on top. Worked like a charm! They felt very important being in charge of the pace they worked. 
Because they worked so well, I was able to set up some 'Have to' trays for the boys and they worked SO hard too! All in all it was a great first day of Dr. Seuss Week!

The Cat in the Hat Crew~

We are celebrating Read Across America Week anticipating Dr. Seuss' birthday on Saturday~
“Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me NOW!
It is fun to have fun
But you have to know how.”
Dr. Seuss, The Cat in the Hat 

For a look at our very FUN day, click on the link below...
Growing Whole Hearts 


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Because of His GREAT Love for us before the world even began...
We were chosen BY GOD to be adopted as His children... 
We Love because HE first loved us... 
A pure act of faith is to care for His children just as He cared for us.
  Adoption is partnering with Jesus to see lives transformed...
Adoption is a Miracle! 

This beautiful canvas was sent to our family today from The Franks family... {Grayson's family}.
Such a sweet act of love from one family to another as we all share the awesome miracle of adoption.
It now hangs in our school room and will be cherished each day as I step in to teach them of God's greatest gift to us... Jesus and the miracle of being adopted into His family. 
LOVE this beautiful reminder!

What to do when it is Cold?

Friday, February 22, 2013

School by the fire around the coffee table~
Later after nap they enjoyed a snack picnic on the kitchen floor~
A great end to a great week!

A Really Good Visit~

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Payne's special need is Spina Bifida and came home with a meningocele repair done in China. He has shown no big issues with his need and we've been pretty amazed with his ability. Dr. Steele sent us to SB Clinic @ CHOA for a baseline.

 We saw three specialists and each one gave Payne the greatest report~
Other than a MRI needed to further prove his good health, we won't have to go back for a checkup for a year. Stopped for a little lunch on the way home~
Couldn't be more thankful for A Really Good Visit!

A Sweet Teaching Moment~

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

This morning EK was reading Henry and Mudge. Henry's parents were getting ready for a Valentine dance and Henry imagined Mudge waltzing to The Blue Danube.
 I grabbed the IPad and googled The Blue Danube to find a YouTube video featuring Johann Strass II. I clicked for us to listen and a Sweet Teaching Moment happened... EK had the loveliest look on her face... then said, "Mom, that's the Cinderella song!" I asked if they knew what the waltz was and SJ jumped right up, grabbed WP, and began to dance with him~
Cinderella and Prince Charming!

Payne and Evie loved working with pattern blocks today~
 I used an empty lemonade container, cut a hole in the top, and gave Evie buttons to work with~
 She loved it~

I also used an egg carton, foam stars, and a programed die for the boys to practice color recognition~
 WP worked hard and wasn't long before Payne wanted in on the action. Later I will add numbers/letters for them to practice. 
A Sweet School Day for sure!

Random Instagram Moments~

Moments we don't want to forget!
3 Siblings playing their hearts out~
Cinderella and Prince Charming~ 
A baby falling asleep in the middle of lunch~
 SJ folding laundry just so she can laugh about her dad's underwear~
Awesome Moments!!!

A Little Teacup~

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Today while Evie was playing with her Tea Set~
I happened to think about my friend Diana calling her little one a Tiny Teacup and thought that is exactly what Evie is.
A Little Teacup...
and this little Teacup spends lots of time in my lap everyday during school... right where she ought to be. Payne is close by too but pretty happy to hang out with his brother.

Learning Together~

We spend a lot of time on the floor and these little lap trays from Michael's come in super handy~
EK couldn't think of anything to write about herself in her journal today so we found a kid friendly video online to watch about Abraham Lincoln. She gathered facts, wrote them down, and illustrated~
She attracted a little audience that learned right along side her!

A Good Day~

Monday, February 18, 2013

Today I took an idea I saw on FB and switched it up to make baked Belgium waffles...turned out everyone loved them! AND Evie had not liked milk at all since we'd been home but today I gave a new pink cup and she LOVED it. Must not like sippy cups anymore ~

The rest of the day was school, playing, a walk, ironing, and just being together~

A Good Day!!


Happy President's Day~

We read books and watched videos about Abraham Lincoln before making our very own~
Honest Abe!

I purchased a balance scale for our math time. 
 It will be used in many ways but this week we are making the date with it by counting ex) 18 into the bins and deciding if the number is odd or even. They gathered that when the scale balances, the number is even. 
Pretty awesome observation.