Friday, January 11, 2013

A Little about Payne~

Today is bittersweet as we leave Payne's Taiyuan and head toward Evie baby. I shot these photos of Payne as he looks out over the city one last time~

 Wonder what he thinks about this whole thing!

He quite the little worker. LOVES drawing in his notebook and calls~ MAMA! Waits for me to give him a smile and thumbs up~

Already knows circle and draws them all the time for me!

This morning he tore a page from his notebook and made a little airplane~

    He and his dad had fun with that for a while!

Scott put his hat on backwards this morning and Payne thought it was SO funny~
Big buddies right here... Payne wants to be just like his dad!!!



  1. Goodness! Is he ever stinkin' adorable or what!

    Your pics of China fill my heart with longing to be there...miss it...

    Continuing to pray for you all!

  2. SO SWEET!!!! Love his sweet smile and his curly hair!!
    Your pictures looks Great! Enjoying seeing China once again through your camera lens!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Love Lori

  3. He's even going to love school time with you and the others it looks like, and be a hard worker too!!!!I'm just all smiles everytime I look at him. Big buddies for sure, him and his daddy!!!!

  4. While we were in China Joshua sat and stared out the window forever! He'd sit there for 20 minutes!

  5. He is so very precious, such a boy!!!! I cannot believe you will have little Evie in a few days!!!!!!! Praying for you all!!!

  6. That last picture with Scott is just precious. What a cute smile! So nice that he is bonding so well with both of you. I'm impressed he made an airplane... see what I mean about being an engineer!

  7. So sweet to see him looking out at the city that has been his home but that he probably hadn't seen much of prior to your arrival. What dexterity to make that airplane! We're still working on folding a piece of paper in half at our house! And I'm loving that crayon grip...another work in progress for us. He's obviously been in a caring environment!
    ~ Jackie

  8. Precious! He loves back so easily it seems! So happy for you guys!