Thursday, January 10, 2013

Shanxi Museum & Pizza Hut~

We are always up before the sunrise each day and Scott shot this after we came back from breakfast this morning~
 Today our guide Anna picked us up around 9:30 and took us to tour the Shanxi Museum. It was pretty interesting and PC was perfect. He even acted curious about some of the exhibits... especially about animals. He and EK will have that in common~

Some photos turned out a little blurry since no flash was allowed but loved this photo showing Anna and PC discussing what he saw~

 We headed back to the hotel and rested for a little bit. We saw a Pizza Hut not too terribly far away and decided to take a walk for lunch (about a mile)~

Took time along the way to just take in the day to day of the people~

School kids out for lunch and rest noon until 2:30.
Street vendor selling food to school kids.

Loved this sweet man's face

Street Sweeper.

This HAS to be the most striking person we have ever seen in China. We could not get a photo of her face but she was beautiful!!! Amazing!!!

A little about Payne today... he is just like every other kid in the world... wants to push all the buttons. It didn't take him but one time to figure out how to put the card in and push the button for our floor.

As soon as the elevator door opens, he knows exactly where our door is~
 Runs to it, inserts the card~
 and pushes it open for us~
 He is really amazing. We can show him something one time and he has it down! Our one on one time with him has been wonderful!!! We look forward to having him and Evie in the coming days!
We are about to head out for another walk in the park.


  1. Great shots! Glad you were able to get out and about today. It looks like it was a little warmer today.

  2. So glad y'all had a great day! Loved those last pictures of Payne navigating his way through the hotel-what a smartie! : ) Praising the Lord tonight for His faithfulness...your sweet Payne is such a perfect example of a very Sovereign Lord who takes great delight in redeeming our lives!

  3. I love your blog, this is almost like going back to China ;)

  4. It is refreshing to see his smile and to know he is finally on your arms.

  5. Such a smart little guy!!!!!!:)the potatoe soup @ Pizza Hut is delicious by the least in Shanghai and GZ.

  6. What a smart little cookie! He looks soooo incredibly happy with you guys!

    Love, love, love the day-to-day China pictures! Thanks for taking us along! I am enjoying each and every post!

  7. Dear Shay & Scott,

    It sounds like you are having a wonderful time! Payne is so smart! and adorable!

    I love love love the photos - both the ones of you with sweet PC - and the street scenes! Keep 'em coming!

    Can't wait to see photos with you and little Evie!!!

    xo ellie

  8. Yay Payne! Smart boy! Little boys in jeans are just too cute. I fall more in love with his sweet face each time I see a new picture! SO happy you said YES!

  9. Go Payne!! What a smart little one!!!!

  10. Such a smart little guy...and super cute too!

  11. Loving every last bit of the story!! He's totally adorable and I'm so glad it is all going well. My daughter has been looking at the blogs with me over the last few months and remarked that they have more pizza huts & KFCs in China than we do in New York City! LOL! Who knew?

    Thanks for all the pictures and updates. We LOVE getting to share in your story.

  12. How neat that he was so interested in some things at the museum. My M would want to go back to the park! :-) ~Jackie