Friday, January 11, 2013

Playground and McDonald's~

Today our guide, Anna met us in the lobby to go over the important documents for consulate appt and I had time to get a photo of her and Payne~
 Then we headed out for playtime in a nearby mall~

 Look girls~ :)
 I wasn't overly excited about going to a play area but when Payne saw it, you had to smile~

 He jumped and climbed and ran for a long time~

 The only way he would have had more fun is to have ALL the littles there playing with him... he is going to LOVE the trampoline and all our riding toys~

He also LOVED playing with the blocks~

After playtime, we were off for Payne's first McDonald's trip~

 He loved his first Happy Meal so much he ate every single bite!!!
Back to the hotel for naptime and maybe a walk in the park later.
Very windy today so adds a whole new dimension to the cold factor!!! Last full day in Taiyuan... bittersweet to leave Payne's province but necessary to get Evie and move on toward home!!!
And I am uploading video so may put those up later as well.
Blessings and thanks for reading!!!


  1. thank you for sharing this amazing love story with us! :)
    Praying for Evie, for her to have a smooth transition and a happy gotcha

  2. The smile on that boy's face as he runs toward the entrance to the play area is priceless!!! His little personality is really shining through. Love the picture of him that a curly fry?...up to his eye! Can't wait to see EC in these pictures! ~ Jackie

  3. Oh my word! I think he gets cuter and cuter every day! Love, love, love his curly hair too! He is such a handsome little guy!

    I can't wait to hear more about his personality. He looks soooo fun loving and easy going!

  4. He is such a little cutie-pie!! Looks like he is doing great. Hope you have a good weekend!

  5. What a darling, happy little boy. Imagine that he ate that entire hamburger. I would love to hear some of the things he tells Anna and more about his personality. Will he be understood by your guides in the next cities or is his dialog unique to Taiyuan? Looks like he is all boy with his love for trucks and building blocks. Perhaps you have a future engineer on your hands. The "hat boys" picture is adorable!

  6. Oh how I love his smile!! Ready to do it all over again on Monday?!? Looks like these are going great. Thanks for blogging all the details for us here at home.

  7. A fun, colorful place for some energy release on such a cold day!!! Looking forward to what's to come, safe travels and praying for sweet EC.

  8. Looks like a wonderful day!! Praying for you guys as you move on to Evie's province.

  9. That playground looks AWESOME!!! How amazing to take this little guy out for so many firsts! Looks like he has had another great day! Can't wait to see what he thinks of Evie. :) So glad you guys said yes to two. Thanks for all the great pictures and posts!!

  10. That's the least crowded I've ever seen a McD's in China ( or US )!
    I'm so happy that Payne is doing so well. I've been thinking about you guys everyday, it makes my heart miss China a little bit!
    Happy & safe travels to your next destination!

  11. His smile is just contagious!!! Enjoying every update!! I can't Evie!!

  12. Sounds like a positvely perfect day with your new one!! That mall looks SO pretty! I'm glad Payne had a blast! You can surely see it on his face!!! Continuing to prayer for your journey and safety! God Bless!!

  13. He LOVED that playground! He is smiling ear to ear with pure joy in the pictures. Sweet boy! Praying!

  14. Our family continues to enjoy following along on your journey. Thank you so much for taking the time to post :) We wish you the best as the 2nd part of your adventure unfolds.

  15. So glad his transition continues to go so well! Best wishes as you head on over to get EC! Can't wait to see what God has planned for her Gotcha Day! Continued prayers for you all and your kiddos at home......Brenda

  16. I love the photo of him running towards the play area, with a huge grin on his face!

  17. I can totally see his brain growing and imagining!!! He is exposed to to much and he is like a sponge! I am so glad he looks like he was well cared for to be at the point where he can accept and incorporate all these new stimuli.
    What a blessed family you have!