Thursday, January 10, 2013

More of the Park~

IF you are tired of the day to day in China, please just skip over this post. 
Scott, Payne, and I took a late afternoon walk back through the park and loved every minute. It is amazing how every Chinese city we've ever been in has a park right in the middle where lots of people meet all day long to exercise, sing, dance, be together.
Today was no different.
We stopped to take in Singing~
More exercising~
Playing Cards~
{I have video of all of it but YouTube takes forever to load here}
Apartment buildings all around the park~
 Bridge over a frozen lake~
After we were frozen too, we headed to Dico's for coffee, donuts,
and Payne's first ice cream... he ate every single drop!!!

Finally made it back to our room and warming up with baths and movies until bedtime. Can't believe tomorrow is Friday... time is passing pretty quickly here for us. 
Sure missing our bigs and littles at home. We LOVE Face Timing them everyday!!! They are doing great and we can't wait to be together again!!!


  1. Not tired of any of it! Can't wait to see more! Have an amazing day!

  2. First ice cream?! Be still my heart! These pictures are soooo precious! What an amazing trip!

  3. I LOVE the pictures of the park and China! Is it mostly older people who are out and about during the day? Retired? I know you can't answer, I'm just curious. I love how they exercise-take notes America! :) And, ice cream? Yay!!!

  4. Wish I was there enjoying China again! Scenery not babies though-haha

  5. I' with Jodee - the ice cream photos are precious! I love visiting china with you!!

    xo ellie

  6. I love your China posts! Keep them coming! Payne is a doll! Love seeing his joy eating up that ice cream!