Saturday, January 12, 2013

Made it Zhengzhou~

We left Taiyuan about 5:45 last evening on a VERY tiny plane~
 Tempted to panic but just prayed Immeasureably More! When Payne I were seated, he did NOT want to wear the seatbelt but he understands my stern voice and obeyed. Within a minute he was sound asleep and slept through the entire flight.
  Immeasurably More! Thank You Jesus!!! Our flight was only an hour and no turbulents!!! We landed~
Met our new guide... Celine... VERY sweet!!!
About 50 minutes later, we made it to the Crowne Plaza.
Slept pretty well and down for breakfast~
 Afterwards making funny mama faces~
    Getting ready to head out with our guide to explore around our hotel. Zhengzhou reminds us of Las Vegas... everything is HUGE!
We are excited to say... Tomorrow is EvieClaire Day! Bless her as she spends her last day with all she's every known. Please pray for her transition... that she wouldn't be fearful. We give Jesus ALL the praise for everything that has been and will be. Amen!!!


  1. Praying in CO! Can't wait to see her after your loving :)

  2. PRAYING!!! Praying for Evie's little heart. Praying for Payne too. A switch and location and adding a child can be scary! Just prayers for everything! So glad Payne did so well. I need you te teach me "stern voice" because mine does not seem to work very well! Blessings my friend!

  3. Yay!! I cannot wait to see Miss Evie! I bet she and Payne are fast friends :)

  4. Yay. I love the relationship and bond that you already have.

    Can't wait for Evie day :)



  5. Prayers for Payne, Evie and you two......I bet since he is older your guide was able to explain what is going to happen so he knows.....One of the pluses of adopting older kiddos! So great to see how well Payne has done and can't wait to se a SMILE on little Evie.....Brenda

  6. I can't wait! Ever since you first posted a picture of Evie last summer, my heart has ached to see a smile on that precious little face. I just can't wait! Praying for her little heart and the transition she & Payne will have tomorrow. Hugs and prayers from VA!

  7. Praying for that Sweet Pea's heart! So glad you made it....those incountry flights are always interesting, immeasurably more that he slept...Thank you Jesus!!...enjoy your day!

  8. Woohoo!!! So glad you all made it there safely! Praying SO hard for little Evie! Can't wait to see her in your arms!!
    LOVE the momma funny faces!!


  9. So glad your flight was short and sweet. Whew! Yay for Evie Claire day being right around the corner. Praying for smooth transitions. Hugs from Alaska!

  10. whooo hooooo step number 2!!!!!!!

  11. Many prayers from the Zinn Family!!!!!

  12. Glad you have made it to Zhenzhou!! Praying for your Evie day! Praying that she understands all that is happening and that you are her forever family. Hopefully that cute brother you have for her will ease any fears! ;)

    Praying in NYC for a great Evie day!!

  13. So excited for you! Looks like Payne is adjusting very well. Praying for the same smooth adjustment for Evie Claire!
    We stayed in the Crown Plaza in Zhenzhou when we got John Asher. That breakfast table, I will never forget sitting there the morning we left to pick him up. Praying for you!