Thursday, January 3, 2013

Immeasurably More~

Many in the adoption community refer to our life before adopting from China as BC~ Before China. It's hard for me to remember life BC. 
We go to China and all that was normal becomes a new normal... Things even out again and BC becomes AC.... Many of us feel led to go again and we began another BC. I've been living the 4th BC for a year now
Today a new normal begins. What is normal anyway? Who needs normal? I don't want normal. I want God's Immeasurably More~ more than all I could ever imagine myself. 

Over the last couple of days Scott, Rosie, and I have stopped to watch the Passion live stream. Tuesday night we heard Louie Giglio speak to expecting God to do Immeasurably More. I heard God telling Scott and I to expect just that. We're claiming it the whole time in China and for the ones left here.  

Ephesians 3:20-21
Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
Wednesday we heard Beth Moore speak about being Glad in The Lord. I'm choosing to be Glad! Glad in all the BCs now and ACs to be
Psalm 126:3
The LORD has done great things for us; we are glad.

Last night was such a sweet message from Francis Chan and the life we shall live one day with our Almighty God.~ in a new heaven, a new earth, and He will live with us forever and forever. He ended by shouting and shouting and shouting in complete praise of such an awesome promise. 

We have had SO many people praying for us through this whole journey and I can say it is only through it I have such a incredible peace as we leave today. Many of you heard me say "I could never leave my children home and go to China" and I am. I tend to be a do it myself kind of girl so I know it gets done right but God has shown me His power is taking care of everything. Even to the point of selling another house right before we leave and will close when we get back. IMMEASURABLY MORE!  

Yesterday and today was full of BCs:
~ wash and fold clothes for three littles
~ clean house with three littles playing together 
~ dinner together as a family of ones home
~ to tell stories and pray together before bed
~ to put three littles down, kiss them good night, and know they will sleep through the night. 
~ to make breakfast for three littles
~ to brush three sets of teeth
~ to hold and snuggle three littles
~ to hug Rosie, talk to Sav and Amelia

But there is SO MUCH Joy to come and I'm glad!!! 
~ glad that we will soon be a family of 11
~ two more littles will know forever love
~ two more will have warmth and all the food they could ever need
~ two more will have a chance to know Jesus!!!
That's all it's about!!! Knowing Jesus and making this life about Him. He's the reason we are going back for His chosen two. That's all. The AC! Immeasurably More!
Matthew 6:27-30
Wherever you are going, God has already been there and paved the way for you.

Scott and I want to thank each and every person that has had a hand in getting us to this joyous day through prayers, donations, and words of encouragement. We pray He allows us to pay all these blessings forward to ones He puts in our path! We praise The One that has ordained this journey and made every single step His Will. To Him be the Glory~ Great Things He Has Done!!! And Is Doing!!! And Will Do!!! 

Blessings and love!
See you in China. 

{No more days!}


  1. Huge blessings and prayers as you head out the door to bring those precious little ones home. Prayers too for your family at home.
    I'm very excited to follow along :) Your journey will be a blessed one!

  2. Sharon~
    Have a safe & joyous trip. I'm praying for you & Scott, your new babies, your babies at home, & big kids at home. The hardest part of the trip to China was leaving my baby & rock behind. Everything is in God's hands...
    Can't wait to see your next post :)

  3. How exciting to see the Lord working in and through your family. Thanks for sharing with all of us strangers. Prayers for your safe journeys, for our children at home, and for the 2 little children that will meet their new family. I will be watching for updates! Donna

  4. So beautiful and SO exciting!!! Yay!

  5. Continued Blessing to your FAMILY!! See ya...ummmm READ YA in China!!

  6. I'm so excited to follow your family's journey once again! You all are in my prayers along with the entire gang at home. I can't wait to see pictures!!

  7. awww awww awww! Be safe! so looking forward to watching your story unfold!

  8. You're so inspirational! Love the spirit in your. God bless you on your journey to your two new little ones. Can't wait to read about the adventure!!

  9. Great post!! Can't wait to see your 2 newest china babies in your arms.

  10. Wishing you all the best on your travel to China! Can't wait to follow your journey!

  11. Thank you for this message today. Just what I needed to hear! God bless and I am so excited for your family. May your journey go smoothly!

  12. Immeasurably more. What a perfect word for you as you go bring those babies home!!!!

  13. Amazing post Shay!!!!!!!!! God's in control!!!! So thankful you know that!!!!

    Enjoy every minute of the surprises God has in-store. Enjoy your alone time with Scott before #10-#11 walk into your hearts FOREVER!!!!

    Hugs and prayers from MN!!!

  14. All I can say is....PRAISE GOD!!!

    Praying for you and your family!

  15. I, too, can't wait to follow your journey again. Travel safe and enjoy your time away! I can't wait for the Gotcha Days!

  16. Sweet Post! Praying for you now as you are flying... praying for peace & rest.. that God will place a hedge of protection around your family as you are away & around you and your husband as you travel! Can't wait to see the "AC" Life!!!!! Thanks for the scriptures. They are definite words of encouragement to this Momma.. who is preparing to leave next week to China. May we always be HIS vessels!! God is GOOD! ((HUGS))

  17. God bless you and your family! Praying for your new AC with 11. Thanking God that you are sharing your family's love with 2 more of his angels. Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us AP's, you give me more inspiration and advice than you will ever know! Love you all!
    Tara Newton