Saturday, January 19, 2013

Guangzhou & Medical Exam~

Guangzhou is the closest thing to home in China... most adoptive families are so happy to finally make it here. Warm and pretty Westernized. We had a great flight here last evening, arriving @ The Garden Hotel about 8:30~
 Evie was the perfect traveler... eating everything they gave us and sitting right in my lap taking it all in. Payne had a little issue with the seatbelt but ended up doing well too.

This morning we went down for the breakfast buffet and ran into lots of friends here adopting as well. Such a good feeling to be surrounded by sweet families. Afterwards we met other Lifeline families in the lobby togo for our Medical Exams~

  Medicals are now done in a new building which is supposed to be a lot better but just had a lot more people there at one time. :) It was all good though and we were all thankful to get that step completed~
We took our two littles through three stations...

 Weight and height...
 Medical exam~

 Evie did not like any of it one bit~
 Payne was the brave big brother to the rescue!~
 The doctor said we had two beautiful children with very minor special needs... thank You Jesus!~
 The worst part... the blood draw to test for TB. They took each one away into a room and Payne came out like a champ!~
 Right into his baba's arms~
 and was all kisses~
 Poor Evie is so tiny they had to do two draws to get enough blood. She WAS NOT happy when they brought her out. Lots of people complained that they took them away but I think it helped that we weren't in there. They came back to us and we were not the bad guys~
 Completely worn out and sweating like crazy~
 Mama's baby safe back in her arms~
 On the way home we ran by the grocery for a few items~
Then back for a little playtime and nap~

I think she's coming around don't you?
Thankful for a sweet day! 




  1. Loved this post and glad that is done!!! EK, SJ, and I read this first thing this morning! We love you!!!

  2. Loved this post and glad that is done!!! EK, SJ, and I read this first thing this morning! We love you!!!

  3. Praying for y'all!!! Can't wait to have y'all home!!! Precious babies!!!!!!

  4. Precious, precious! Yes, Evie is looking more at ease. Enjoy Guangzhou! Is it cold there? I noticed people in coats....

  5. So good to see EC in Scott's arms. Poor, poor thing brought tears to my eyes. So hard sometimes. Glad THAT'S over!!! She IS coming around. Enjoy your stay at the fabulous Garden Hotel...just a few more days!!!!!!!

  6. Glad your medicals are done. Thanks for the update on the changes. Was thinking the same thing about you getting to be the hero after the blood draw. Glad you are in GZ at the Garden. Hope you get some rest. And yes, I see EC starting to blossom!

  7. Evie is now a Ankerich girl with her bow in her hair. You must be happier too because you are looking better too! So happy everything is going well. Another family I am following is in guanzou. They are adopting three girls. I think they are from MN. 6 days until you are home.

  8. Always excited to see your updates! So happy you are on the last leg of your journey and that it is almost time to come home! It is so awesome to see EC starting to get that sparkle in her beautiful eyes! Love you friend! Praying you home!

  9. Sharon,

    they are just so cute.

    Mommy and Daddy are rock stars! You look and sound amazingly happy!


  10. Oh sweet Payne. He is heaven-sent. Oh what a wonderful boy. How can this be? He's like a dream come true. And so cute to see his little pout. And that Evie... I can't wait to see this little speck running around your home having a blast with her siblings. She broke my heart with those tears. And Mommy & Daddy, you guys are doing a great job. Such a lovely family. I look forward to next week when you post pictures of the entire family together.

  11. So nice to get the medical exam behind you and only a few more days til you are home-bound! Sweetest family ever!

  12. So glad that Evie seems to have turned a corner. She looks so cute in a bow. Both children have beautiful heads of hair! It's wonderful that Evie is content to sit in Scott's lap, especially so Payne can have some one-on-one time in his mama's arms. What an amazing journey!

  13. Looks like Evie has lipgloss. My girl walks around with lipgloss sometimes, loves it. I think i recognize your guide. We shared guides with small world and lifeline families. The best guides ever.

    blessings, martha@berrybliz

  14. I look forward to reading your updates. The children are absolutely beautiful!! It is so sweet to see his compassion for Evie. The pictures today I believe that Evie and Payne favor each other!!! Hope the rest of your week goes well!!!

  15. So glad the medicals are over and perhaps you can enjoy more of Guangzhou!!!
    They both look SO "SWEET"!!! One step closer to HOME!! Praying for you all sweet friend!


  16. I love all the pics and I agree that it was best that they took them to get blood draws, makes my heart hurt for you! Sweet Evie's eyes tell a story just like SJ's do!!! Just a few more days and you get to have the whole crew together and I know you are READY!!!

  17. I think she's definitely coming around! What's not to like when you're given hugs and kisses and love 24/7! And the best part? Medicals are over, so let the countdown to home begin! ~ Jackie

  18. Thank you for sharing this. Such beautiful photos. How wonderful! Congratulations!

  19. We were so glad to be finished with that part too!! Your babies are so precious! Hope you guys are doing well!

  20. Whooo hoooo! One step closer to home! So glad the exams are over and went well. Enjoy your last days in China!

    Payne is such a rock star and Evie is really coming around too! You are one blessed mama!

  21. So glad you are past the medicals. Payne and Evie are just darling. We have fond memories of the Garden Hotel and all the adoption families there. Wishing you restful days there before you come home. Hugs from Alaska!

  22. So sweet!! Loving all the pics of these precious children of yours!!