Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bonding and Grieving~

First of all Payne is doing amazingly well. He has accepted his new sister with open arms. He talks to her, gets her toys, shares his toys, and accepts that I need to hold Evie all the time. On the first night we had her, she wanted to get down to see what he was doing. She really didn't like me since I'm the one the nanny handed her to so she got down by him~
 She would watch him and do what he did~
 He would talk to her and she listened~
When I reached down to pick her back up, she actually hid behind him as if he was her protector. Already starting to bond.

Yesterday when we returned back from our long journey we made a pallet on the floor with all the toys. I sat her down for a brief moment that she would let me and snapped a few shots of them~

   This was the closest we got to a smile~
 and you know what? We WILL take it!!! :)

Today we were supposed to go to the zoo but I decided it was just too much to go out again today. We went down for breakfast, came back up and facetimed all the kids, and made a picnic on the floor for lunch~
 We did get our first smiles from Evie today when Scott blew up the beach ball and brought out the bubbles...
We weren't able to blow bubbles, hold Evie, and take photos but believe me she has a smile that can light up a room!
When she is secure enough to get down, we will take some photos.

Things to know about Evie~
~She will not let me put her down
~She does not like to have her clothes off
~She does not want me to go near the bed
~Scared to go to sleep so I have to hold her until she is sleeping deep and then she sleeps on top of me for a long time
~Will not nap unless she's in my arms and right now she's in my arms tapping my computer as I write
~When I finally have her undressed, she loves to play in the bath taking little drops of soap into her hand to rub all over herself
~She does not say a word except Chinese for no (a begging no)
~She understands our guide and communicates with her eyes
~She completely listens to Payne and does what he says
~She likes her bottle and is teeny tiny
~She wears 12-18 mth clothes... and they are too big
~She is potty trained but needs to be in a diaper
~She has a stubborn streak but thankful for that... she's got spirit
~Loves to eat eggs, raisins, noodles, but no vegetables
~At times she just cries and cries... deep crying for what she knew
~Holds onto all she has now... me. 
God is good! 

She's precious beyond words and we are SO thankful she is in our arms so her soul can begin to sing out of her heart. We are seeing glimpses but they are seldom and few. We are thankful for each one and know in time she will live through the grieving and continue the bonding. Thank you for prayer, comments, and encouragement.
Blessings and love! 


  1. Praying sweet friend:) They are beautiful....can't wait to see their smiles in the months to come!

  2. Praying for you and your precious children! We will see you in a few days at the Garden!

  3. Oh my heart. This first photos of her mimicking Payne are precious. Praying her little heart ad fir all of you. Can't wait to see her blossom. Trusting the Lord for that.

  4. These are such hard days, but looking for glimpses will get you through it! Hope for that little bitty smile soon!

  5. So Happy for you family!Evie will smile more daily as she grows to love the wonderful family God has blessed her with.That is great she thinks so much of Payne already.He will probaly help her out alot.Can't wait to meet these sweeties!!We leave tomorrow!!!!Oh my I can't believe it!!! God is awesome!!

  6. sharon i'm in Awww of how God has given you such grace with these two precious babies. i recall the phone calls we had when you started asking about payne curtis....adopting two at once. you were so sure he was yours....i can see from all your post he is YOURS and how sweet it must be. evi claire what a precious tiny angle....those smiles will come in time (as you already know) your experienced at know all the stages....may God continue to bless both PC and with your precious babies back here in good ole GA ;). enjoy the remaining time you have in china. i am hoping to make it to the airport to welcome home the newest additions to your already amazing family.

    God bless you my friend

  7. Praying for your dear Evie Claire. She is just precious. I recognize the window area at your hotel. We were there for Philip. I have the sweetest and yet saddest picture of him looking out the window pondering his situation. You can just see the bewilderment and sadness in his face. But God! As you well know, He heals all hearts!

    Much love to you all - janet and kevin

  8. What a special bond those two have already. I'm sure it is of some comfort for EC to have Payne there. I adore the picture with the "almost" smile...can't wait to see a full one!!

  9. praying for you all. bless her sweet little heart. i love when god works things out magically just as he did in having you all receive payne first, so sweet that he is a comfort to her too!

  10. She is beautiful! I am amazed at the size of your heart, Sharon! God bless you for adopting these children and giving them a better life. You're a real life angel!

  11. Hooray for beach balls and bubbles! I can't wait to see her sweet smile! It looks like she is bonding well with you and that Payne is such a rock star! Love that boy already!

    P.S. I can't believe how tiny Evie is. How fun to have such a little one again! She is just darling!

    Please take care of yourself! You must be beat!

  12. So the photos are deceiving. You must be tiny tiny too because Evie looks so long but she is the same size as addy. It won't be to long before a permenant smile comes across her face . Has Payne picked up any English words yet? Thank you for keeping us updated.

  13. I love the story that God writes. Being a mommy is what you were born to do!

  14. She is just previous beyond words! Sleeping on you is a great way for her to bond. in time, her fears will turn into love and security. Payne is a rock star big brother! My prayers are with you!
    if you need any small sized clothing for Evie, let me know. Lily was a peanut too, and I recently boxed up all of her outgrown clothes :)

  15. She's Precious!! Can't wait to see that half smile turn into a "HUGE SMILE"!!! Payne looks SO sweet playing with her! Thankful God placed Payne in your arms first to help comfort Evie! Praying for you all!!

    Love, Lori

  16. oh shay - she is adorable. i cry every time i read about evie because she is EXACTLY our tia :) same size, same clinging, same fear of sleeping, sleeping on me same EVERYTHING! except tia ate vegetables in china - but hasn't for the past 4 years since :)

    many prayers going up for you and your sweet family!

    xo ellie

  17. Traveled that very same road, at times those arms and back turn to jello, but they are soooo worth it!!LOVE that she is watching Payne so closely, they will share a sweet bond. AND that smurk, adorable!!!! Beach Balls,bubbles, and balloons will do it everytime!!!!!You are an amazing mother to ALL your children who will arise and call you blessed. You were created to love each of these precious souls and will continue do so remarkably!!!! Blessing, Love, Prayers, and Hugs Sweet Friend!!!

  18. Continuing to pray for you and your sweet newest little ones.


  19. So happy is she taking baby steps towards bonding.
    I remember those first few tough days with Melaina. No matter how hard you prepare yourself for the grief, it's still tough & heartbreaking to watch.

    She's a beautiful little peanut & can't wait to see what the other think of her!

  20. They are both just PRECIOUS!! May God continue to bless your travels...

  21. That "as close as she got to a smile" photo made me laugh out loud! Love the pics of the two cuties together!

  22. Such precious blessings! What an awesome big brother Payne looks to be to your little Evie, just wait until WP and big sisters are wrapped around her little finger too, she'll just blossom! Thank you for the sharing your Double Happiness!
    Praying for many big smiles soon.

  23. Thanks for the updates! I'm sure it is difficult to blog when you are managing the needs of two new kiddos, with little Evie on your lap! ;) Praying that she grieves she will find the love of her forever family. Can't wait to see her little smile!! So glad to see Payne being such a sweet big brother!

    Praying for you guys everyday!!

  24. Well, you already know that I am smitten with that big brother.. It is just such a blessing that he can communicate with her. How wonderful it would be if they could keep their Chinese.. Evie is so tiny and sweet looking... She reminds me of Sienna so much in those first days. So tentative and scared... I am thankful that you know in time, she is going to blossom so much.. She is just precious beyond words!

    Enjoy these very tender moments with your new babies!


  25. What an awesome day to learn so much about your new Littles!