Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Marathon Day~

Today was a Marathon Day for so many reasons. We left the hotel @ 9:30 headed to Civil Affairs to make Evie an official Ankerich little too along with the other 10 families~
 EvieClaire WenFan Ankerich~

Then we were off to the Notary office across town~
 In certain provinces, it is necessary to travel to the orphanage city to apply for the passport @ local police dept. This is true in Henan SO the major marathon began to Hebi City... a two hour drive with two children not sure at all of what was going on. We were blessed that they both fell asleep pretty much the whole way, arriving around 12:30 and our appt @ police dept not until 2... what to do... lunch @ Dico's~
Then finally about 2 we headed to police dept to apply for passport. We met the orphanage director and assistant there and they were very curious as to how Evie was doing. She really wanted nothing to do with them. Our guide told them she wouldn't let me put her down and they smiled very big... loved that she wanted me. 
The police lady asked us several questions about our personal life and why we wanted to adopt a child from China. We answered saying we already had three precious ones from China and wanted to love more. She smiled big and said there was no need for the rest of the interview. It was clear we would be great parents. She had never met anyone that had adopted so many children~
 Our guide told it was very uncharacteristic that the police lady would be so nice and come out for a photo. All I could say was Immeasurable More... thank You Jesus for raining Love down in Hebi City Police Dept~
 The orphanage director offered to take us on a tour of the orphanage but in my heart, it just didn't feel right. It was too much too soon. 

Instead they took us to her finding spot... 

the place she was left by her parents @ midnight on a cold night in March when she was just two months old. Certainly the hardest thing they would ever do but such an act of love that they left her at the front door of the local hospital. She was found by hospital workers and taken to Hebi City SWI.

Can't even put into words how raw this experience was... my heart just poured out the same tears pouring from Evie... two souls joined in sorrow and love.
  I walked away holding a very scared soul tied to me forever and I made a promise to her that she would never be left again... FOREVER in my arms! Big brother close beside taking it all in. Wiping my tears away and telling me something in Chinese... me only understanding the word Mama... really all I needed to know. He knows I am his mama and soon Evie will too. 
After that, I was pretty much done. So were the rest of us. We loaded back in the van for our two hour which turned into three hour ride home.
A Marathon Day for sure!


  1. Shay,
    I know that feeling, and it's so hard.... Thankful that Evie is now where God planned for her to be from the time He created her.. She is so precious.. I can't get over how much she and Payne look alike. Born to be siblings.. I just love his tender heart.. It is melting mine!


  2. sending hugs and lots of prayers to all of you as you settle in from a long day of running around. May God hold you all tight as this is such an emotional and amazing trip. Cant wait to meet these precious littles some day.

  3. My heart aches for your baby girl. SO hard to see them So sad. She will soon understand the LOVE of her Forever Family! I have been PRAYING for you all. Praying for renewed strength!
    Take care of yourself, rest when you can.

    Blessings sweet friend!

  4. Oh, those sweet, sad little eyes. I can't wait to see them sparkle with joy. What a day! Hoping you got lots of restful sleep and sending prayerful encouragement. ~ Jackie

  5. Oh Sharon, Know that was an emotionally exhausting day for you all. Glad for you that you got to see her finding spot, a little puzzle piece of her past. Thinking of you constantly and know soon we'll all be seeing a photo of a smile on sweet EC's face!

  6. I have tears just even reading this. It's so beautiful the amount of love you have for your sweet China babies at home & the two on their way home with you!! those sweet babies are forever blessed. Blessings & a safe rest of the journey in China & back home. :)

  7. Tears sister... simply tears! love you and sitting amazed at this whole story. So so glad God allowed me to be a small part. I admire you and praise God for bringing you into my life.

  8. I remember how hard that long day in Henan was. So hard on the little ones, and grown ups, too. Like you said...raw. Truly a blessing that she knows she can cling to you for protection and safety. And Payne wiping your tears...precious beyond words! Already such a sweet, perceptive, caring little boy who will be such a gentleman and protector of his sisters and mama. "Treasure" doesn't begin to sum him up!

  9. While I was reading your marathon's day, I was surprised to read that you didn't have to do the same for Payne. When we were in Taiyuan for our son, we had to go back the day after we got him to Datong (3.5h drive one-way) at the police station for the passport. They told us that it was the procedure in Shanxi province. That's definitely a marathon's day but globally, you seemed to have done great with the kids. Have a great continuation and a safe trip back home.


  10. Little Evie Claire looks so frightened & unsure. I pray that she soon knows that you are her Forever Family. What a wild, crazy, wonderful time you have had in China. So wonderful that Payne is being such a wonderful son & big brother. I so admire you & Scott. God bless you all.

    Anne in Colorado

  11. Oh those eyes. The depth they have like a window to her soul. Cannot wait for pictures of 5 'littles' giddy and giggling. Prayers that EvieClaire and Payne quickly learn what family is. Congratulations.

  12. hang in there. You are getting through it with grace.


  13. Oh tears for you & your sweet baby girl. Thank you for sharing your journey here... What a blessing how Father can rescue & redeem... Prayers for your family as you go through this part of the journey...I know in time & with HIS grace, your sweet little girl will be full of joy!
    And what an amazing big brother she has already!!! Looks like she needed him too!

  14. Wow, what a long and difficult day for all of you. Praying for you guys and that sweet baby girl. She will never be left again. She is with her family forever.

  15. Holy cow! What a day! Evie is sooo blessed with parents like you!