5 Littles~

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Today was a stay-at-home-all-day and we all loved it.
 Half the day was spent in pjs playing together
 and the other half was spent dressed napping and playing.
 How are things going?
Really well considering 2 littles are learning what family means...
  and 3 others are teaching the 2 how to love first hand.
 There are times when squabbles have to be solved
or Evie falls on the floor crying because she doesn't get her way...
but that would make us just a normal family with 5 little people running around.
 The 3 sure have risen to the occasion when it comes to the 2 needing so much one on one attention.
I think the greatest thing is the smiles shining from everyone when...
{GASP} I pulled out my camera tonight and shot a few quick pics of the 5. 
Do you see Miss Personality coming out??? 
Hard to believe we have been home a week today but thankful we are getting into a somewhat routine.  

Baby Slate~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Today was baby Slate's Birth Day!
Our day began with a friendly brother game of Candyland~
Our nephew Slate was scheduled to be born today @ 8am to Jason and Amy and I HAD to meet him. Scott suggested he drive us all over so I could run in and visit then out for a little lunch. Here they are all ready to go~

Can I just say... Slate was a precious angel and Jason/Amy were glowing from their miracle day~
 Weighing 9.3lbs and 21.75" long~ perfect and healthy!!! Amy was feeling pretty well and Jason was the doting dad! Such a blessing to be there and hold such a precious baby!

Then we were off for lunch @ Steak 'n Shake~
Everyone enjoyed burgers and fries then we shared happy hour 1/2 price chocolate shakes. Yum yum yum! We had lots of people to stop by and say how well behaved our children were... Scott said we dare not tell them two were just home from China. :)
Only thing missing from this day was our four bigs!!!
LOVE you~ Josh, Savannah, Amelia, and Rosie!!! 

Pediatrician Visit~

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our morning was pretty low key with the littles just spending time getting to know each other playing~

  Today was our first visit to the pediatrician for our baseline information. This was EC and PC's first ride in carseats. EC was not sure about it at all~
 Our truck is full~
 It began with a question session then weight and height. Payne was on the charts for height and weight (36 lbs)
And Evie wasn't even on the charts (20 lbs)~
 Both very healthy... sending PC to a neurologist (spina bifida) to give him a once over but she couldn't see anything that would signal cerbral palsy. Her blood work showed low iron to be increased with diet. We go back in two weeks for bloodwork and titers. A great appointment!!!

Then we met Savannah for dinner~
 The littles were perfect and loved chips/salsa! Savannah and I wanted a pic since we were both in dresses, jean jackets, and boots. :)````
 A great day and dead tired... littles are already sleeping through the night but Scott and I are still waking up a lot! Jet lag is the worst! Praying for good sleep especially for Scott!

Instagram Love~

Monday, January 28, 2013

Thank goodness for my phone and Instagram these days.
Thanks Lori for this adorable outfit from Evie~
 My sister gave Payne a welcome home guess and I think you see how excited her was!~
 Evie really loves playing with her baby!
Dad draws a crowd when he comes up from his office for a work break~ 
Everyone watching a show before bed~
 We continue to do well.

Simple Sunday~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

We all got a better night's sleep last night and it sure makes for a pleasant morning. Everyone was in good spirits and Evie even got down and played some with her sibs (yesterday she was in my arms all day long). We were awake about 3am but she fell back asleep until 9... I kept going to make sure she was breathing. Just a Simple Sunday for our little crowd~
My sister once again cooked the most delicious lunch... such a blessing to us and SURE going to miss her!!! Time to wake up the three youngest... three hour nap must come to an end.

Several people have asked everyone's ages~
EK~ 7
PC~4 (will be 5 on 5/11)
EC~2 (will be 3 on 2/3) 

The Hard Work~

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Has begun since we've been home these last two days. Yesterday was a really good day... still in the honeymoon period and somewhat rested but today was MUCH harder. We didn't go to sleep until late and then awake by 3am. No one was going back to sleep so Scott and I got up, made toast and coffee, and loved on our new littles. (EK heard us and was up @ 4:30. The longer the morning wore on, the sleeper Evie became. She has slept a lot today... hoping she will still sleep tonight! Payne is handling jet lag much better than any of us. Jet lag is the next to hardest part of coming home other than the VERY long flight. Other 'real' moments... making sure we are available for everyone and helping them all begin their friendships. For the most part that is going very smooth... still the honeymoon. The 'real' will come but for now we are just making it through the days. (and nights) Some photos from the last couple of days~
Quick photo when we got home from the airport Thursday evening.

EARLY in the morning.

Usually what our living space looks like now... forget trying to control sensory overload.

Our first morning with all the bar chairs filled.

My sister and children are here this weekend going to the store and cooking all the meals... priceless.

First time getting nails polished.

Mama and Addie.

Becca and EK.

Rosie and Evie... BIG buddies!

Payne already building with the legos!

Tent fun.

Playing after bath time and before bedtime.

Pics from today~
SJ showing EC how to color.
 Got outside to enjoy the warmer weather~
Add caption

 Then back in for puzzle time~

Can't believe I didn't get a photo of Josh and Savannah today!!! It was SO great to have them home being all together!!! They will be back next Sunday and hoping we get a new family photo.

Not gonna make it sound better than it is here... these are HARD days! We are tired, kids unsure of all going on, fighting jet lag, and just finding the new normal. We are praying with each passing day everyone will bond and we will sleep longer. SO thankful to be doing all this at home.


Friday, January 25, 2013

Was sweeter than words can convey but I am sure the photos will tell the story loud and clear. 
 Our trip home could not have been any smoother~ all flights on time, kids were perfect on first leg and slept about 8 hours on the second leg. Definitely the BEST trip home ever. We flew into the new International Wing of Hartsfield Jackson and it was fabulous... through immigration and baggage in less than 30 minutes.
The two newest US citizens~
Here are a couple of collages with the girls' phone cameras...

 We walked around the corner to see and hear a beautiful crowd cheering us home~

Just a few photos from our Homecoming

 Truly the sweetest thing was introducing ALL our kids to each other. They were all quite lovely to each other~

 I think you get the message with these two photos below~

 A happy family reunited!!!~ Our agency Lifeline was there to welcome us home~ (wish I had gotten a photo of ALL waiting for us!)
 Couldn't hold back the emotion any more... time to let it all go in the arms of all who love us so much~

 No way we can thank our agency Lifeline for the phenomenal job they did while we were in China... every fee prepaid, four envelopes packed with every single document we needed, and guides that became of sweetest friends... loving our children as our constant communication with them. Thank you Lifeline, Anna, Celine, Miko, and Rebecca~ we LOVE you!!!

 Here we are at the end of our travel journey... SO tired but WAY more happy than anything!
Thank you to every single one that helped with our children while we were away. God blessed big~
Immeasurably More.

PS We had a great day and I have pics but jet lag is calling us to bed so I will share our first day tomorrow... it has been awesome!!! 

It stands to say...