Monday, December 3, 2012

Cranberry Christmas~

We began our day reading from our Advent Chapter book Jotham's Journey, then our Truth in the Tinsel reading/ornament, and also from our Jesus Storybook Bible
The littles LOVED Cranberry Thanksgiving, we HAD to have Cranberry Christmas too.
A lovely story we will enjoy reading every day this week~
 One of the characters in the story is Mr. Whiskers and boy does he have whiskers. I asked them if they knew anyone else this time of year that has big whiskers... SANTA!
That lead into our art activity for the day~ Santa Wind Socks.

1 8x12 white paper
1/4 sheet 8x12 red paper
1/2 sheet 8x12 pink paper.
~ Glue red to top of white (hat)
~ Glue pink right under red (face)
~ Cut fringe on the bottom white and roll with pencil to make whiskers
~ Add wiggly eyes, pom pom nose, smile, cotton
~ Staple into a wind sock and add hanger   

Just so you know, we always do things like I just shared in addition to our reading/writing/math curriculum.

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