Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas~

At 5:10am two little girls stood by my side of the bed and asked if they could get up... umm, no but I let them sneak a peek and then back to bed. They did sleep until almost 7 then we were up for the Big Day~
 Everyone was very surprised and very happy... EK: Santa really did bring what I asked for! :)
 The bigs will not like the photos below but were just too sweet not to post. They were REALLY surprised since they didn't ask for anything. LOVED surprising them~
 By late morning, Josh and Savannah were home sharing lots of gifts. Everyone was thrilled... especially Scott and I... Loved our new Keurig!!!
 Pretty much spent the day just relaxing and snacking and playing then we were off to Jason and Amy's for Christmas dinner~
 Their new house is beautiful and loved being there with them.
Thanks Jason, Amy, Max, and Addie~
 We had a Very Merry Christmas indeed!

{9 days until China}


  1. Yeah! 9 more days! So happy you had a wonderful Christmas day!

  2. 9days!!!! So excited for your family!!! I see that the NEW YEAR will start off WONDERFUL!!!

  3. Looks like a great day! Love all the pics :) I can't believe you're leaving in 9 days!! What are you going to do with yourself in China without the whole crew?? :)

  4. Oh my word! What a wonderful Christmas you had! Kamree got Baby Butterscotch too! Love how surprised the bigs were! What sweet gals!

    Where is the material on your blog? I wanted to pick some out for a bag and camera strap but I couldn't find it!