Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Huge Day~ {Santa}

Up and dressed by 7...
  My kids had dreaded yesterday for weeks because they were due their flu shot (which turned out to be flu mist... YAY!)
SO we headed to Dr. Morgan's for yearly checkup too~
ALL three had gained 4 lbs and grown almost 4 inches. While waiting we did a little school. WP was not happy having to get 6 shots, flu mist, and a finger poke. He was a trooper and only mad for a few minutes.

All morning I had shared with them Dad and I had a BIG surprise... he was flying in from business trip to meet us for 3 clues:
1.  A Ride
2. A Visit
3. A Dinner
They guessed and guessed but didn't know until we pulled into Lenox Mall in Buckhead. We met Amelia there and went for A Ride on Priscilla the Pink Pig while waiting for Dad~
As soon as Dad arrived, we headed for A Visit to see Santa~
 Everyone shared what they were 'hoping' for and left all smiles!
 Finally it was time for A Dinner... my favorite place... Maggiano's! They also give you a second meal to take home and we are eating left overs tonight! Yum!
It was definitely A Huge Day but SO good in the end!!! 



  1. You are such a sweet mom it makes my heart smile so big!!!

  2. I forgot about the second dinner! Perfection! Looks like it was a perfect day!

  3. What a grand day!!(Except for the shots and pokes, but glad they are well)

  4. Oh my word! What a fun day! That is the cutest Santa picture ever!

  5. The kids aren't going to hate going for shots if this is how the day turns out :)