Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Waiting for TA~

Article 5 was picked up yesterday and so we are waiting for TA... Travel Approval so we can book our trip.
Our agency is giving us a 3-4 week wait and a friend is saying maybe 10 days to 2 weeks.
At this point there is little hope we will travel this year and that's ok too. It will allow us to enjoy the holidays with our family as is and bring on the new normal come the new year.

I've had a few friends ask how the littles will be spread throughout the house so here is a little tour...

The Boys will share WP's room connected to the master suite. They have a trundle bed and dresser plus lots of toys to keep them busy.

    In the past, we have had co-sleepers or I have slept with little until they were asleep and then I moved to our bed. We will see how it goes this time. Who knows with two new littles. :) We like them being close to us!

The Girls moved upstairs when WP came home and they love their big room. We were able to squeeze in another bed for Evie although she won't be up there for a long while. Plan to have her down with us until we are all settled.

I guess it would be good if I cracked open these suitcases and get packing. I have SO much to do...
This will be the first trip to China without someone in tow. Haven't really let myself go there yet. Everyone says it will be WAY harder on me than them... we shall see. I know God has led us to leave them here and so we will gladly obey. Still doesn't keep my heart from hurting. 


  1. Our Article 5 gets picked up next Wednesday! If we can go this year, we're going to try. Our province does Sunday Forever Family days so there's a chance we could make it by the end of 2012!

  2. You are not going to know what to do with yourself with just 2 to take care of in China:). I know I would be anxious too but God will work it all out. I was so sad leaving John David and Madeline when Janie and I were in Cincinnati and I have to admit I saw a turn for the good in Madeline when we got back. She is truly a big sister now:)
    I'll be praying for you all!! It will be here so fast. You will be like a crazy person getting your Christmas put back up before you leave!

  3. Exciting times!!! I'm impressed you found a 3rd matching bed and bedding!!! Adoption always makes for interesting or different from others sleeping arrangements. We do what we can for EVERYONE to get a good nights sleep! and that's aokay. I'm sure YOU will have those suitcases packed well in advance. It's just your style!

  4. It was really hard on me to leave the boys, but yes... it was a lot harder on me than them;) Scott and I treated the first couple days almost like a jet lagged honeymoon! Ha!!! It was nice to have undivided attention for Kate while in China. Pros and cons to both for sure! Praying for a fast TA. We got ours in 10 days last year!

  5. Looks like some beautiful "nesting" has been going on! Love the rooms, so warm and cozy and so much space! It brings tears to my eyes seeing 3 little girl beds lined up...and the boys room, well I could see your two guys spending lots of bonding time around that toy train track!
    Praying your TA makes a surprise Christmas arrival and you'll have your two newest blessings home to celebrate a New Year soon! Will send HUGS when you travel w/o other littles in tow, it's emotional but nothing is easy w/ travel and adopting, but such sweet rewards! Thanks for letting us tag along on your joyous journeys!

  6. While I am sure it is hard, I think it would be hard to leave my babies during Christmas. Also, while it will be hard yo leave them behind, it is a great opportunity to get to really know them without the others fighting got your attention . Hang in there before you know it they will be in your arms.

  7. It was so much harder on me than them. So much! The time I got alone with Ray was so valuable too. I never really leave my kids. It was almost enlightening that we need to get out alone together more. It's better for them. So excited for you! Those beds in a row melted my heart!

  8. I was sooooo hard to leave my two little guys at home! But they had so much fun being spoiled by G & G.

    I sent you an email a few weeks ago, I am still waiting for the address so I can send that book. Can you send me an email? THANKS MUCH!

    Can't wait to follow your journey to CHINA!!!

  9. You have been a busy Momma!!! LOVE seeing those 3 beds lined up and ready for Evie!!! Your boys will LOVE their room!! Praying TA comes and you are able to spend Christmas with family and then hop on that plane!!! I know it's hard to think about leaving everyone home this time. You will have plenty of things planned for them and you my friend will be busy as well! Time will fly by!!! Never easy to leave our children. Praying for you sweet friend!!!

    Blessings, Lori

  10. Oh my word! I am getting sooo excited for you! The girls' room is soooo cute and every night will be like a slumber party! How fun for them!

  11. Hoping you make it before the end of 2012...I know you trust in God's timing!! Rooms look great and look so forward to seeing your family grow!

  12. I love the way the girls room turned out! It won't be long at all before all those empty beds are filled!!!! SO happy for you!

  13. Gives me chills to think about your next trip to China. Are you going solo?
    Traveling with out Neil & Harper was the hardest part of my last trip to China. I was soooo homesick & couldn't wait to get home & have our family together again.
    Praying for a speedy TA!

  14. Cute, cute rooms Sharon!!!!! I was praying for you all this morning and will keep you in my prayers! I think sometimes the wait at the end is harder because you are so close:) Do you know if your sweet girl has been moved back to her orphanage yet? Keep thinking about her and about Xiaomeng getting separated:( Praying for both of their hearts!!! I am just so excited for you Sharon!!! You will have your babies very soon!!!

  15. I haven't been on the blogs for months, so imagine my surprise when I "hopped" over to yours:) Congratulations!!!! The rooms are adorable as well!