Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simple Sunday~

Just doing a little Christmas shopping exactly like their big sisters used to do. 


  1. We are American Girl fans in this house too. :D

  2. That is THE catalog for sure!!! Fun Fun

  3. I love simple Sundays; they're the best! We just got the new American Girl catalog a few days ago and have been doing some "wish listing" ourselves! I hope Ella Kate is feeling better. I was out shopping for shoes the other day and noticed a lady with a little Chinese daughter. Then I was walking into another shoe store and they were just ahead of me. I recognized the mom from First Fridays and got to stop and talk with her for a few minutes. I remembered her having waited a reallllllly long time for her referral.....turns out it was 18 months. Remember when 18 months seemed like an eternity? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Shay, enjoy having all your kiddos at home!