Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sick Saturday~

This time last year I think EK had missed about 15 days of school due to sickness and this year... None, until now~
 I think she has a virus and has either watched Animal Planet or slept the day away.
Praying this sleeping beauty is feeling better in the morning.

These two Playing Partners enjoyed their day together~
(in pjs!)
Just take a look at their dancing moves~
Me: Why do you keep getting frustrated with WP?
SJ: He won't listen and follow my dance rules.
Miss Big... hahahaha.   


  1. So sorry she's sick, yet so glad she has made it this long this fall without being sick. A great Saturday to be in PJ's, playing, watching TV, and DANCING!! We tried to finish Christmas Shopping, looking forward to PJ's and sofa after church tomorrow. Hope she's well soon!!

  2. Too too cute! Love that you have Christmas decorations up ! Hope she feels better in the morning.

  3. That video is the cutest thing I have ever seen. SJ's faces are priceless. I could just eat that girl up!!! I miss y'all!!!!!!!

  4. Not that I'm stalking SJ or anything but I have watched this so many times! I miss her to pieces. She has a special place in my heart.