Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ivy Joy Update-

Diana here, having the privilege to scribe for my friend Mary again..... She wanted me to share that Ivy Joy was taken off the ventilator at 7:20pm and she has been sleeping since! So many reasons to rejoice over this great news.. While we are giving thanks, let's put at the top of the list an astute and amazing nurse and a compassionate surgeon who truly cares about their special patient!!



Team Ivy - It's time to stand in the gap once again for our favorite patient!!!!!! Ivy is struggling to wake up.. Partially due to the heavy meds she has been on! There are two other tricky parts to this.. One her pace maker, and two her lungs... Can we storm the gates of Heaven together to ask God to help Ivy get over these obstacles... This baby has not had an easy go at it.. And, we are praying for the path to be cleared for her to HEAL!!!!!

Thank you for lifting up this amazing little girl.. And, don't forget her precious Mama too who is living this 24/7 and holding her breath for her tiny miracle to turn the corner towards a complete recovery!!!!

More soon!!!!



(For Mary)

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