Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Glimpse~

Into Rosie's day lately...
 Crutches, icing bucket, motion machine, and physical therapy have consumed her day.
Today she went to school for a half day and did really well...
even made it to the powder puff game tonight with Hay and the Juniors rocked the stadium!!!
Can't wait to watch Rosie play next year when she is all healed and strong once again!
SO proud of you Rose... LOVE spending all this time with you!!! 


  1. So happy her recovery is going so well. After beggining this journey for adoption I have so much admiration for you. The saying is true that adoption is not for the weak in heart. "The Paperwork" Where did you find time to do it all with children and all their activities. Just when I feel like I am making headway it seems like there is so much more to complete. Baby steps-right!

  2. Looks like her recovery is going amazingly well! Hopefully she will be running all over the place before you know it!

  3. She looks like she's doing amazing with her recovery.

  4. Glad to see she's doing well and recovering!