Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I think I can say I'm a pretty low maintainence girl.

Don't need lots of clothes and shoes.

Gave up nail appts a long time ago and just this past month scaled back on my hair care as to save money.

I clean my own house and am pretty frugal about extra spending.

But there is one Favorite I have loved for over twenty years (not kidding!) and have been out for over a month now. I was able to reorder it last week and it came today!

My Favorite Fragrance~ Antonia's Flowers


I am very prone to migraines induced by smells but this has never made me sick. I love it! So thankful for this Favorite today!!!


  1. Good for you! I completely understand because I became very low maintenance after becoming a mother -- no more nails or highlights for me!

  2. Please tell me where you get it!!!!! I have not had any in years!!!!!