Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Another Addition~

Gotcha! Another addition meaning a TURTLE!
While working on his latest house project Scott found a little box turtle and brought it home to EK... she was ecstatic!!!
She kept her turtle habitat box from the last turtle visitor and the new turtle (Brownie) went right in. 
I was finally able to get out and shoot some pics of her new love!

Also wanted to share a video of just how AWESOME EK is doing with her bike riding... you'd think she's been riding forever.
In her words: "I am SO happy I can ride my bike now. I have something wonderful to do when I go out now. It is my favorite thing to do!" 
SO good!!!


  1. Way to go Ella! Looks like you can ride a bike better than me!

  2. Hanan would be so jealous! She has asked for a turtle forever. There were only tiny ones that needed to live in water at Mom's farm. We couldn't bring one to Hawaii and they were illegal to buy and sell in TN so it never worked out for her. They are legal to buy and sell here as long as they are native. She is still begging. I got a new fish this week. I'm hoping it pacifies her. I'm sure it won't.

    Yeah for bike riding!

  3. Love the new addition! Also love that EK is such a great bike rider! how FUN!!!!

  4. Love box turtles! K wants one but with 2 dogs 3 cats 1 fish and 17 tadpoles this mom has enough critters. Maybe once the tadpols turn to frogs and are released we'll get a turtle

  5. Beautiful pics of your new addition!! Life is grand onced they are free to ride!!!!
    Way to Go!!!

  6. Turtles and bikes...can my girls come and play? They'd love this too!