Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Cheerful Giver~

SJ has asked for a long when she would be able to snap her fingers.
I showed her a couple of times and encouraged her to practice.
Today she came running into the kitchen to say...
"I can hear my snaps!"
 And I can snap with my eyes closed...
and I can snap while I sing our new bible verse song...
and just so you know she can, here is the proof~
 I have to say adorable even if she is my little one!!!
Cheerful and Joyful!!! 

God loves a cheerful giver.
2 Cor 9:7


  1. oh, and love the "can I watch it?" at the end. Those words are at the end of all of our videos!

  2. Pure Preciousness!!!! Love that sweet voice, always fun to hear!!

  3. Oh Sharon that is so precious! What a sweet little voice! Lily's has a favorite song now too. "Down in My Heart" But she calls it the "I'm so happy song!" She asks to listen to everyday. It's from the WEE Sing Bible CD. (of course these hymns and songs have been around a lot longer than WEE Sing.) Love seeing the love of the Lord in these little ones!