Sunday, August 19, 2012

We were a Sight~

We were a sight moving Amelia in yesterday... pretty sure we were the only family I saw with smaller children and that's SO ok!
With two cars filled and Josh's truck(futon), we made it with A's stuff~
 We had a darling cheering gallery and LOTS of great help~
 We got everything moved in and headed to dinner... loved this photo above because everyone needed a ride uphill and two were left to hold our two new blessings next year. :)
Amelia's room turned out so cute!
She has worked on lots of projects to hang and it really made her room feel special~
 If we were a sight this year, I'm already laughing about next year~
and just think what it will look like if Rosie goes there in two years and we move them both there together. SO awesome!!!


  1. I love it :) !!! Y'all are the greatest lookin' bunch I have ever seen. Love you so much !

  2. How do I keep missing the big announcements??!!! That is SOOOOOO exciting!!!! I am so happy for you and your precious family!!! :D

  3. A Beautiful sight I'm sure!!!Nothin' like the love of family!!

  4. How did I miss that?? Two beautiful kiddos? I am SOOOO excited for you and your family! Congrats!

  5. WHAT?!?! TWO new blessings?! How exciting!! I can't wait to hear more details and to follow THIS journey. What an amazing family!

  6. lol...You have me laughing :) I'm quite sure you made some heads turn! We make heads turn and we're not even in the same league :) lol....
    Her room is precious!

  7. I thought I had misread too! Sharon, how amazing!

  8. A beautiful sight, for sure.
    We look the same way, lots of stares...