Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Venn Diagram Girls~

Sometimes the best kind of teaching is spontaneous and I think that is what I LOVE about home school.
I can think of an idea right in front of my kids and put into action right then.

Today we did a very cute handprint art activity making two ocean animals... I had a thought to have the girls make a Venn diagram comparing the two animals.

As I was printing diagrams, I had an idea to use our two hula hoops as the two circles of the diagram~
Instead of comparing two animals, we compared two girls. :) First they thought of ways they were different... then we connected the two hoops and thought of ways they were the same. 

Taking this to the table to fill in the diagram page, I thought of using paper plates to make it... folded two plates back and taped together to create a Venn diagram.
EK did all her writing. SJ and I worked together on her words. They LOVED working on this activity!
And when all was done, they had a little hula hooping fun~
Another thing they have in common!
(We really mean to get dressed before school but some days, we just can't WAIT to start school and then can't break away to go do it. Please forgive. :)


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  1. So cute! Love that you can do school in your jammies!