Monday, August 27, 2012

Starting Week 5~

Four weeks of school behind us and there has been much refining of activities and procedures if I can be so formal.
One abstract that most children struggle with is the passage of time... what comes next, when do we do ???, is time for lunch yet?
You get the picture...
I have read on various blogs of a workbox management system for the work kids need to complete.

I began shopping around for a drawer system we might incorporate into our schedule... tried to use the clear see through ones but just wasn't working.

It didn't take long to find exactly what I was looking for~ a 15 drawer rolling cart to organize our days/week into one area.
The clear drawers on top are for me to drop books and ideas for next weeks of planning.
The notebooks are their binders where we add and document all they are doing each day~
 The new system went into action today and worked like a charm!
We call them our Rainbow boxes and our school day starts on red and goes through purple... day complete.
Red~ Bible, Calendar, Morning Work
Orange~ FIAR work, Writing Journals
Green~Reading/Language (phonics)
Blue~ Math
Purple~ Art, Quiet Reading Boxes, Catch up Work
The big drawers house my materials and things for WP... the two smaller drawers: top for EK's work and bottom for SJ's.
We worked through each drawer and everyone knew exactly where we were on our schedule for the day.

A look around our room~
EK and SJ work on the calendar board together before I get there and share the info when I am ready to listen.
Literacy centers are just there if someone needs a little something extra to do or if WP needs an activity.
 Art supplies are used a lot~ even in the afternoons and evenings when school isn't is session. :)
Word work drawers are used during our reading time.

Math centers are the same idea as literacy~ there if we need something extra.
Calendar~ the one only SJ works on.
 Our world map is one our favorite things in our room~ refer to it all the time!
Teaching stuff is pretty much anything I might need in a lesson.

Still love our room~
and being together every day!!!



  1. Love it! Your school room looks great

  2. I need those Rainbow bins. I just told Emma today to remember the rule Mommy has told her about constantly asking what we are doing next. I love this idea.

  3. Lots of refining going on here too. Love following your journey.